You're no longer officially young but not officially old! Feel like life is passing you by...?

Are you

  • Feeling stuck, in a rut, having another midlife crisis?!
  • Lacking in purpose and feeling insecure after loss of a partner, redundancy, empty nest
  • Suddenly aware of your age/mortality after a significant birthday or health scare
  • Fed up with climbing the corporate ladder, hate your job, not sure whether to retire

Using Midlife Coaching I will help you to:

  • Discover hidden talents, 'reinvent' yourself, 'do you'
  • Create the right work life balance. Spend time doing work or activities that feel worthwhile with your kind of people
  • Find purpose, meaning, identity and new beginnings!

"Thanks to midlife coaching with Lesley my life now has purpose and direction. I have found my place in the world again" (Cheryl Sklan MBE, London)

"I was feeling just awful, life passing me by. Hit a brick wall. Coaching was amazing. Since I started seeing you I feel motivated to move forward, I have a future to look forward to. I've got my MOJO BACK!" (Senior Admin, London)